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   Christmas Tree Care Tips


All our Christmas trees get a fresh cut and put in water right off the truck. By making a fresh cut, the Christmas tree is able to start taking up water after their long journey to Dallas. Christmas trees are much like a bouquet of flowers. They need water to stay alive. You want to make sure the stump end is always completely submerged under water. If the stump ever dries out, sap will fill the pores and won't allow water to travel up the tree anymore. Use cool tap water to fill your tree stand within an hour of taking it home. Your tree will drink up to a gallon of water per day the first few days while acclimating indoors. Keep a close eye on the water level the first week. No preservatives are needed to maintain a heathly tree throughout the season. 


Keep your Christmas tree away from heat sources such as heating vents, fireplaces and windows with direct sunlight. Unplug your lights when you are away from the house and at night. All these things will dry your Christmas tree out faster, reducing the frangance and creating a potential fire hazard. Never burn any part of your Christmas tree in the fireplace and never put lit candle near your tree.


Dallas has curbside Christmas tree recycling services after the holidays. Check to see when your area is serviced to have your Christmas tree turned into mulch for a Dallas area park. 


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

                                             - The North Pole Farms Family

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