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Our Farms and Trees

Christmas trees come from Tree Farms not from our forests.  Just like other farmed crops, trees are planted in rows with the purpose of growing them for Christmas trees. Christmas trees take about 5-7 years to mature into a good size tree. Buying a real tree supports American farmers and American agriculture. Christmas tree farms provide clean air and wildlife habitat. Our farms are pesticide-free and are members of the Coalition of Enviromentally Conscious Growers.

Our farmers devote their days to nurturing their trees to provide the highest quality Christmas trees in Dallas! All of our trees are Grade A which is the highest tree grading for fullness and flawlessness.  

fraser fir christmas tree dallas
Blue Ridge Fraser Fir

Our Fraser Firs are grown at 4000' in the Blue Ridge Mountians in North Carolina. Fraser Firs are native to this area, so naturally it is the most ideal location for growing the most beautifully shaped Christmas trees. Our Frasers have been bred to produce the most flawless natural form and shape, eliminating the need for excessive shearing. 


Our trees start as small as 2' and go up to 12'

Nobel fir christmas tree dallas
Alpine Noble Fir

Our Apline Nobles are grown at 2000' in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of Washington. Noble Firs are known for their regal appearance and beautiful layering. Our trees are grown in a rainy and mountianous climate which makes for dense, perfectly layered form. Their branches are strurdy and good for heavy ornaments and their scent is unmatched. 


Our trees start at 3' and go up to 12'

Christmas trees Dallas, tx
In The Field


Every year the fields are walked and the prime and mature trees are tagged for harvest. We hand select our trees after the growig season, at the end of the summer.



We then sheer and tip the trees to give them a uniform shape. When the rains come in the Fall, the trees put on thire green bud tips. This gives the trees a natural look.


christmas trees in dallas
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